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About WRPI

Water Resources Planning Institute,

Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Water Resources Planning Institute
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Framework and Function


Deputy Director


River Planning Section
Survey, investigation, planning and R&D of river regulation planning ; and investigation of coastal changes and coastal hydrology and meteorology.
Irrigation and DrainagePlanning Section
Survey, investigation, planning and R&D of irrigation and drainage ; irrigation test ; and regional drainage worksurvey.
Water Resources Planning Section
Water resource investigation ; system analysis ; and the investigation , planning and R&D of water resources development plans.
Hydro-Tech Research Section
Test and R&D of hydro-technological and mathematical models.
Geo-Tech Research Section
Geological drilling, survey, rock and soil mechanics, engineering material test, and groundwater R&D.
Secretarial Office
Document and file management, clericl affairs, cashier, property management, administration, research and evaluation and affairs not belonging to any sections.
Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office
Planning, allocation, and control of annual budget ; accountion affairs ; procurement; and supervision of property settlement.
Personal Office
Personnel management, covering organizational planning ; appointment, dismissal, promotion, transfer, performance evaluation, reward/punishment, training, continuing education and raining, and attendance.
Ethics Office
Prevention, detection and handling of corruption ; promotion of laws and regulations on government ethics ; and maintenance of confidential documents.